Monday, November 05, 2018

Food & Restaurant Review: Agave Mexican Cantina @ Ayala Circuit Mall, Makati

agave mexican cantina ayala mall circuitI and my family dined here yesterday to try their Mexican foods. I'm only familiar to Chimichanga, one of the food Deadpool eats on one of the Marvel comics issues.

Their interior is still designed with Halloween props, a post-Halloween celebration, I guess (see left photo). I heard their specialty is Margaritas but that's not what we've tried. Continue reading for the rating and experiences.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Moymoy Lulumboy Continues His Adventure on the 5th Book - "Ang Lihim Ng Libro"

Lampara Books' epic fantasy novel Moymoy Lulumboy comes back with its fifth installment. Titled Moymoy Lulumboy: Ang Lihim Ng Libro, the Young Adult novel takes readers to the mythical place of Gabun where mythological creatures like aswang, duwende, manananggal, kapre, and tikbalang co-exist with one another and battle for collective peace.

moymoy lulumboy 5 book launch
Q&A portion during the Moymoy Lulumboy 5 book launch with Segundo Matias, Jr. (left) and Jomike Tejido (right)

The latest book continues with the adventure of Moymoy Lulumboy as he battles to adapt up with the passing of his mother Liliw and fight with his legacy as the hero that will spare Gabun from evil. Moymoy Lulumboy, whose shape-shifting power like of an aswang, is gradually changing into a hostile character due to aggression in his soul. Yet whose kindness and empathy remains throughout the coming-of-age.

The Young Adult series has gotten positive reviews from book critics and readers, with Philippine Daily Inquirer including it in their Top 10 books of 2014 and commending its "solid efforts at
further modernizing our own myths." Interaksyon's Romsanne Ortiguero likewise raved about the
series, especially the fourth book, Moymoy Lulumboy: Mga Dulot ng Digmaan for taking the readers into a "gripping reading experience as new characters and challenges were introduced."

With the growing talks about the book, ABS-CBN recently acquired Moymoy Lulumboy with plans of developing it into a TV series, and expand the brand to a merchandise.

Palanca-awardee and known author of Children's books Segundo Matias, Jr. have recently released the 5th book last September 14, 2018, at the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasig City. The book launch was held and one of the sought-to-attend event during the Manila International Book Fair 2018.

segundo matias jr author of moymoy lulumboy book 5
Segundo Matias, Jr. or also known as Kuya Jun

An expert in storytelling focused on the younger audience, Segundo Matias, Jr. or also known as Kuya Jun strings a coming-of-age story skillfully while opening the reader's soul to an engaging genre that is naturally Pinoy at heart. To date, he has distributed more than 1,500 books by means of his two distributing imprints, Precious Pages Corp. and Lampara Publishing Co.

On the 5th book of Moymoy Lulumboy, he teams up with Jomike Tejido - a productive architect, artist, author, illustrator and painter whose convincing combination of unorthodox styles has prompted solo exhibitions in the Philippines, Singapore, France, Japan, and the U.S.

Moymoy Lulumboy: Ang Lihim Ng Libro will be available in the coming weeks on Precious Pages retail outlets, National Book Store, Pandayan book shop and leading books stores nationwide. For inquiries you may contact: