Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Promo/Freebies: Nescafé and other Nestlé Products with Freebies

I love freebies! So when I learned Nescafé is selling a new bundle with Free tumbler, It's a sure buy.

I totally saved money buying this pack. The SRP of each Blend & Brew sachet you'll buy in most Convenience Store is around 7 to 8 pesos so I save 39 - 61 pesos buying this. Plus, you get a Free Tumbler and another plus, the delivery is Free by Lazada! (within Metro Manila areas)

My product rating: 5.0 / 5.0

Also, there are other two variants of the Nescafe Mix-to-go Tumbler you can buy at Lazada, check them below (continue scrolling or click 'Read more' if you're coming from the Homepage):

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Store Review: Goods.ph

I discovered this online store through Google search last year. I was looking for a Canvas Bag during that time then I stumbled upon their site whereas I end up buying a bag at Lazada (see related post about that bag here). Luckily, they're offering 11-pesos deals the time I visited their site, a similar event is happening at Lazada just a few weeks ago.

Register and shop for goods now!

Last time they did a super sale, I was able to buy dozens of goods for 11 pesos each, like VR boxes, Socks and Earphones. After grabbing their super deals, Goods.ph became my 2nd favorite online palengke.

Fab Ibig sale at Goods.ph | February 07 to 14, 2017

Just last week of this month February 2017, they did another super sale - the Fab Ibig sale running from February 07, 2017 and ended February 14, 2017 of Valentine's day.

cheap products for sale

And of course, I was able to bag a lot of their super affordable deals for only I (1 php.), LOVE (4 php.) and YOU (3 php.).

Check what I got below. (Continue scrolling or click "Read more")

Friday, February 17, 2017

Star Wars Leatherbound Edition and my New Recipe - Artificial Chicken Rice [ February 17, 2017 ]

For the Star Wars book! | February 17, 2017

Off to SM Megamall and about to ride an MRT train. Queuing in line, the train arrived. A woman from the distance rushed in coming from my right side. She just ignored me and all of the people waiting in the line. I just let her through. A guy already inside save a little space for me, how thoughtful he is. But I nod not because I saw the frolicsome eye of the woman who cut in the line. She, she's not normal. And also, they're so full. You just need to trust your instinct and fast judgment in such situation.

After I got the book from a very cute girl. I return to MRT station to ride back home. As usual, the inside is like a pack of sardines. I'm at the very front door. I saw a used gum stuck in the rim of the MRT door. It looks very fresh and damp. What a very unpleasant sight as I'm very near it. I can't move back. We're so crowded inside. I just need carry on with the situation. It's just a few minutes to my station anyway. By the way, don't think I'm new with this MRT experiences. I experience a lot from this cursed transportation, like inhalling a foul smell to the point all of us are covering our noses inside the tram and I believe the fartbringer covered his/her nose too; crowd exchange of sweat due to the air conditioning system is not working; thrusting you from behind without an apology or excuse; etc. just check their page review.

At end of the day, I just scored this 850.00 pesos worth of Star Wars leatherbound book, brand new and still sealed. Note, still priced 1,299 pesos in local book store or at Lazada.

Thank you to the cute lady who sold this <3

Note: I just found the sale listing of this book on a Facebook book group. If you want to buy the similar title, you can buy it at Lazada below:

If you're not coming from the Philippines, you can buy the similar title with different edition - the R2-D2 cover or the C-3PO cover, magnetic below:

Artificial Chicken Rice | February 17, 2017

I was ransacking the kitchen cabinet that night for food. I was hungry. I wanted to cook something anything whatever I can find in our kitchen. I do this when I'm frustrated.

So, I got the following ingredients:

- STAR Margarine "Bida ang matangkad." (nakaka-offend ang slogan niya)

lonely STAR Margarine, was been in the refrigerator for months

- Knorr Chicken Broth Cube

Knorr Chicken Cubes artificial chicken flavoring?

When I was a kid, I always thought Broth cubes were made of Chicken or Pork's sweat. Up to now, I still don't know how they're made. But of course, I don't believe they're made of animal perspiration.

- 3 pcs. of unused pack of dried vegetables and meat from Yakisoba

dried veggies and mini meat from the unknown with unknown expiration
I'm not sure when was the last time my niece eaten a Yakisoba noodles. She always taking out the dried veggies pack and leave it in the storage for others who want to consume it. So I'm not sure if it already expired and whether it's from Chicken or Beef flavor.

- McCORMICK Black Pepper Ground (powder)

- 1 1/2 Cup of Rice

So, the result: FAILED

It taste good but the rice is undercooked and the bottom part is burnt. I think the right way to describe is a partially cooked rice. I put the right amount of water. Perhaps, what made it partially cooked was because of time-to-time mixing of ingredients with the rice while cooking it. I should have left all the ingredients inside the first stage while cooking to make the pressure inside flow normally. Like the normal cooking of rice.

By the way, I named it Artificial Chicken Rice because of broth cube that gave taste to it and also the coloration due to STAR Margarine.

Thank you for reading. I just can't believe I even posted this recipe haha!

UPDATE as of 02-18-2017: I slept late and woke up afternoon of the following day. Family members consumed my creation. They said, the taste is okay. I didn't bother to ask if they fried it or re-heated it. One thing for sure, I will never make another Artificial Chicken Rice again.

Roy Cortez
February 17, 2017

Friday, February 10, 2017

Travel: A Day Tour at Camaya Coast and Trying my New Generic Military Rucksacks

I wanted to try something new for this year so I bought a Backpack for the purpose of hiking. I'm enticed to try hiking because of stunning photos of mountain adventures I saw in my Facebook newsfeed. In other words, "naiinggit ako" hahaha.

As a preparation, I need to complete my checklist first. I need a bag suitable for hiking. As I look for a good hiking bag, I found this item with super-describe name from Lazada. It's called "Sport Outdoor Military Rucksacks Tactical Molle Backpack Camping Hiking Trekking Bag". That sounds a multi-purpose bag. I specifically choose the Digital Desert variant but I received a wrong plain Khaki color variant. Many times already Lazada messed up but nothing critical that will make my head explode. Anyway, I didn't waste my time to return it to Lazada because I like the color too :)

Assault Pack Tactical Military Backpack

Very good packaging Lazada

It was perfectly sealed aside to the bubble wrap.

Very Brand New, I can smell it

I found no issues upon inspection. It just great. I like it!
It's also a good timing that my cousin invited me to go with her at Camaya Coast for a day tour. It's a good opportunity to try out my new bag and of course, to relax for a while.

Camaya Coast Beach, Mariveles in Bataan Province, Philippines

So last February 04, 2017, we tour at Camaya Coast. We took the ferry ride from Esplanade Seaside Terminal (near SM Mall of Asia) to Camaya Coast for approximate of 2 hours of travel.

Beach Dancers welcoming our arrival

Upon your arrival to the Camaya Coast, you'll be welcomed by Beach Dancers as seen above. Feels like your a VIP :)

Route to Hotel
We didn't check-in to their Hotel because we're only staying for just a day. Here's what worth it per Adult:
- 499.00 pesos - (incl. access to infinity pool and beach, free use of beach huts, bench and rattan lounges)
- 249.00 pesos - 1x meal (3 pcs. lumpia rolls, 1 pc. chicken, 1 cup of rice, 1 scoop of pancit canton)
   Sorry if i missed taking photos of the food, I was so hungry during that time haha
   The food is delicious. It's like lutong Max's Fried Chicken.

Note: cost of day tour and overnight stay may vary, visit http://www.camayacoast.com for electronic booking and quote.

There are several known establishments already in this resort like Giordano, BigChill, Figaro and a restaurant affiliated with Max's Chicken. I can say, the resort is in halfway developing. The electronic pass is not yet operational and some digital vending machines are not working too.

camaya coast beach
Overseeing Camaya Coast from top of the hill

Lifeguard vest is very accessible and they have visible Lifeguards on stand-by. You'll feel very safe while enjoying the beach.

Approaching the Sea Playground

The beach sand is very natural. The greenish clear seawater is very clean unlike other beaches in the Philippines where you may see some unknown articles floating in the water...

Camaya Infinity Pool with Kuya Photobomber

What I like most in the resort is their Infinity Pool. It's free of Chlorine.

At end of the day, this bag proves to be strong and is going to be my longtime partner.

At end of the day, this military rucksack wins

If you'd like to buy the similar backpack i used in this particular travel, buy it below:

For more information about Camaya, you may visit and book at the ff. link:
  ->    http://www.camayacoast.com


Roy Cortez
February 10, 2017

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